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            Fiber Optic Taper
            Date:2013/12/30 16:39:28   [back]

            Fiber Optic Taper
            Sungshan’s fiber optic tapers provide a high quality of magnifying or minifying an image. All tapers are fabricated to customer-specific requirements and can be machined into configurations from round to round, square to square, round to square or rectangular; sizes range up to 100mm in diameter. Typical magnification ratios range up to 5:1, with other magnification ratios available upon request. The taper material provides for a numerical aperture of 1.0 on the small end.

            Typical Applications:
            Fiber optic tapers are widely used in x-ray imaging, CCD coupling, Image Minification & Magnification, image intensifier coupling, medical and dental radiography, video imaging and advanced imaging applications.

            1. Material - fiber optic material with or without EMA. Compatible with phosphors.
            2. Average Thermal Expansion Coefficient(20°-300℃) -  (87±5)×10-7/℃
            3. Fiber size   6 μm - 38 μm
            4. Magnification - standard ranges up to 5:1
            5. Quality - Chicken wire, blemishes, distortion (gross & shear, pincushion, barrel) will be quoted to customer request

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