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            Anti-veiling Glass window (AVG)
            Date:2013/12/30 16:32:36   [back]

            It was designed and produced for imaging intensifier tubes. AVG can replace fiber optic cathode plate as input window in tubes. Especially, the best choice for the cathode window is AVG if intensifier tube uses GaAs photoelectricity cathode.Application in imaging intensifier tubes

            Typical specification

            Optical properties

             1.    White light transmittance                                    ³ 92%

                   in 350nm ~ 400nm wavelength transmittance >     90%
                   in 400nm ~ 1000nm wavelength transmittance       > 92%
            2.    Transmittance of absorb layer glass                        < 0.1%
                   in 350nm ~ 800nm wavelength transmittance          0%
                   in 800nm ~ 1000nm wavelength transmittance       <  2%
            3.    Refractive index of glass    Nd=1.4833
            Thermal properties

             1.    Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion (20-300°C)            50 ± 1X10 –7 / °C

            2.    Softening Point (Tf)                                                              600 ± 3 °C

            Mechanical Dimensions

             1.       Flatness:              2 – 4 fringes

            2.       Size tolerances:  ± 0.01mm


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