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            About us
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            Located in Hong Kong, China, with production facilities in Mainland,   Sung Shan Industrial Co., Ltd is a professional advanced fiber optical components provider. We  design and produce fusion fiber optic products, assist our clients in determining the ideal solution in the field if they involve in the application of fiber optical technical issues. Customers can count on Sung Shan's full support and service to resolve the technical problem in their applications. Meanwhile, we provide all of customers with guaranteed high quality products and top-services.

             Sung Shan Industrial Co., Ltd specializes in R & D, manufacturing, and application of fusion fiber optic components, such as fiber optic faceplates, taper, inverter and MCP.  Sung Shan’s fiber optic components can be a reliable source for all of your device/system manufacturing and assembly. Customer design is welcomed and will be processed soon.

            One important thing is our shorter lead time than others, in addition to the most competitive price. We are sure to effect the delivery strictly according to customer’s request.

              SUNG SHAN INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD HONG KONG All rights reserved   Address:RM.1802-03 Cheuk Nang Centre,9 Hillwood Road,T.S.T. Kowloon,Hong Kong  
            Tel:+852-2721 7686  Fax:+852-2311 7320    Email:info@ssfiberoptics.com